BorisB Mashup Videos

Remastered & Remixed

These are some of the very first mashup videos I made back in 2008 but in those days I had no idea where to find good quality videos to edit so usually ended up ripping them from youtube, which in 2008 wasnt very good quality anyway.
I thought I had lost the master files for most of my early videos until recently when I discovered them hiding down the back of the sofa. Now i'm going to start cleaning up some of my fav one's and releasing them in better quality than the one's I released all those years ago.

(I'm slowly moving all these over to the main video section and they will all have download links) 

DJ Zebra - Come Closer (2015 video remix)

Come Closer
The Beatles vs Nine Inch Nails
Music Mashup by DJ Zebra

DJ Morgoth - Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up (2011 HD version)

Rick Astley vs Nirvana

Music Mashup by DJ Morgoth

original video mix 2008 this version 2011