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All the videos featured here have been put together by me and the copyright for both music and video is owned by the various artists featured in them

They are made for fun and not profit

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(by the way its pronounced - Boris Bee)


JUNE 2021 

Webs are closing down all the free web sites this month including all of mine and so all my videos (and there are a lot of new one's) will only be on my account at the archive 


An all new Bootstock The Movie online 15th August 2019

see link on top of the page 

DJ Zebra - Come Closer 2021 HD

The Beatles
Nine Inch Nails
DJ Zebra Bootleg
BorisB Video
2021 Remix 


The Kleptones - This Song Smells 2021 HD

Nirvana & Blur

The Kleptones Mashup


BorisB Video

2010 / 2021 HD Remix 


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Go Home Productions - Wrapped Detective


 Elvis Costello, The Police, Lionel Richie, Peggy Lee, Bob Marley, THe Hollies and Led Zeppelin

 GHP Bootleg


BorisB Video



LeeDM101 - Reign in my Awakening Eyes 2019

Depeche Mode / UNKLE / Dead Can Dance

Music Mashup LeeDM101


Video Mashup BorisB

2011 / 2019



DJ Earworm - Funky Goes To Hollywood 2019

Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Wild Cherry

DJ Earworn Mashup


BorisB Video