BorisB Mashup Videos

All the videos featured here have been put together by me and the copyright for both music and video is owned by the various artists featured in them

They are made for fun and not profit

Please support the artists and purchase their music if you like it


(by the way its pronounced - Boris Bee)

August 2017

as I appear to be making new videos again they will now be found on my Mashup Television site under the BorisB 2 page

(see link at the top of the site) 

at the moment a lot of the videos are missing thanks to Streamable having lost or deleted almost half of them

I am currently reuploading all my videos to another site, where they will be staying for the rest of time hopefully

they will also have high quality download links there as well but all this will take a bit of time, hopefully by the end of the month

June 2018

(update August - almost all videos have been uploaded) 

CCC & ill Chemist - A Sky Blue Rhapsody

George Gershwin

The Beatles


CCC & ill Chemist Mashup 2007

BorisB Video



 click below to grab the mpeg2 video file


LeeDM101 - Reign in my Awakening Eyes

Depeche Mode / UNKLE / Dead Can Dance

Music Mashup LeeDM101

Video Mashup BorisB

click below to grab the mpeg2 video file



Aggro1 - Only When I Lose Summertime

 Jane's Addiction vs Depeche Mode

Music Mashup Aggro1

Video Mashup BorisB


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DJ Zebra - Violently on my shoulders

Bjork vs The Do

Music Mashup by DJ Zebra

Video Mashup BorisB


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